Advantages of Sterling Silver Earrings

Although there aren’t any confirmed facts about when earrings actually originated, they are believed to be over 2,000 years old. In the ancient times, the dead were burnt along with their ornaments, including earrings. Therefore, these were definitely not 20th century additions, as has been popularly believed. Earrings have evolved over time. Apart from simple gold and silver variants, alloy based sterling silver earrings have also become quite popular. They are often being preferred to those made of precious metals these days.


Sterling Silver Earrings: Why are they so Popular?

Listed below are some of the most prominent reasons for the popularity of sterling silver earrings.

1.    If aesthetics is something that you are looking for, sterling silver earrings are definitely a good choice. They are available in some of the most stunning and contemporary designs that can really lend a classy look. They are equally suited for gemstone studded jewelry as well. Sterling silver is often used for jewelry pieces that are studded with diamonds or CZ. You can choose from a hoop, to a dangler or even studs. Intricately crafted silver is also very much in fashion these days.

2.    Silver could be a superb choice in itself, except for the fact that it is too soft to produce earrings of the desired durability. Therefore, sterling silver, which is an alloy of silver and copper, is preferred. Copper lends greater strength to the metal and the result is a durable piece of jewelry. These earrings are known to last a lifetime. The chances of damage or breakage are also significantly reduced.

3.    Of course, the price is an advantage too. As inflation mounts, buying precious jewelry is becoming more and more difficult. People today prefer to spend on a range of options that lend variety to their collection rather than spending on one single piece of high priced jewelry, which dries out their funds. Therefore, sterling silver and CZ have successfully replaced gold and diamonds.

4.    With theft and crime rising all over the world, choosing to wear high priced jewelry is quite like inviting danger. Therefore, we end up spending on them and subsequently storing them in a safe place, never to see the light of day again. Sterling silver is a better suited option for regular use and comfortable for wearing daily. Jewelry made from this metal is half as expensive as those made of precious metals and can be flaunted freely without fear. Even if you lose a earring, replacing it will not seem so difficult.



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