Advice for Buying Gemstones in Fairfax

The beauty of gemstones has enticed men and women for decades. Not only are they considered a luxury, but they also serve as a simplistic ornament. At some point, most of us have given or received gemstone jewelry, but that doesn’t make purchasing a new piece any less difficult. From vibrant rubies to deep sapphires, there is a wide selection of pristine gemstone options to choose from. Customers should consider color, cut, weight, and overall appearance before making their final decision. Before buying your next piece of gemstone jewelry, consider this advice.

Consider the reason why you are purchasing gemstones in Fairfax. Some stones are sturdier than others, according to their hardness rating. For example, some soft stones may be acceptable set into a ring, while harder stones are preferred for bracelets. Nearly any type of gemstone can appear stunning set in a pin, pendant, brooch or pair of earrings. Check the hardness of the gemstone before making a purchase. Also consider the occasion in which the gemstone will be worn. Is it a gift for a friend or loved one? Will it be worn for holidays or to a special event? These options can also make a difference.

Everyone has their favorites when it comes to gemstone jewelry. Some people prefer the simplistic look of clear, princess-shaped gemstones. Others like brilliant gemstones in vivid pink, red or blue. Shape, color and size are all major considerations that result in the final appearance of your gemstone. Clarity of the gem, as well as its weight, is also contributing factors that can make a gemstone more attractive.

Many of the gemstones found today are enhanced or treated to improve clarity, color or both. Since fine gems are scarce, manufacturers have developed a number of treatments to make dull gemstones brighter and blurry gems crystal clear for the sake of the customer. These treatments can significantly improve the overall look of the gemstone. Some types of gemstones are rarely ever treated due to their natural beauty, such as garnet, spinel, tourmaline, and amethyst. Before buying gemstones in Fairfax, speak with a qualified jeweler to learn more about the treatments they use.

One of the best benefits of owning gemstone jewelry is their ease to maintain. Gemstones can continue to look vibrant and new for many years. Occasionally, they should be gently cleaned to keep them looking vibrant. Some gems require extra special care and can be sensitive to excessive light, certain chemicals or changes in temperature. The jeweler in which you purchase the gems can provide sufficient information on how to properly care for your new piece of jewelry to avoid any mishaps.

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