Air Conditioning – Is it Good or Bad for you?

There has been a lot of debate as to the health pros and cons of air conditioning in recent years.  With the climate growing warmer and wetter thanks to global warming, more and more offices and workplaces in the UK have installed air conditioning, to keep the temperature in their offices at a level that’s pleasant for workers.

Particularly beneficial during the hot, sticky Summer months in the South of England, many companies in Lancing, Sussex rely on air conditioning to keep their offices and shops cool.  Lancing is a village in West Sussex, renowned for being the largest village in England.  With its mix of urban and rural landscape, and its pretty shingle beach, the village has links to Oscar Wilde, who visited in the late 1800’s whilst staying at Worthing, not far from Lancing.  Summers in Lancing are typically warm, sunny and sometimes wet, with heatwaves hitting much of the South of England over the past two years.

Lancing College and South Bersted School are just two organisations in the area who benefit from professionally installed air conditioning systems. But is air conditioning actually good for us? It’s true that in recent years, Air con Lancing, and in the rest of the UK, has had a bad press. Incorrect installation, faulty maintenance and low temperatures have led to outbreaks of diseases such as Legionnaires, giving air conditioning a bad name.

Air conditioning in the workplace
Air conditioning has a number of benefits in the workplace.  It improves comfort levels of staff, whether working or on a break, and this therefore leads to improved job performance and efficiency.   Members of staff are less likely to be dehydrated as the temperature is cooler.  Lower temperatures mean that there are less insects and parasites in the air, creating a healthier working environment, and a clean air conditioning unit can help to exclude pollen and other allergens, whilst well installed and maintained units can actually improve air quality.

But what are these negative points so often in the press?  Air conditioning has a drying effect on the skin and mucous membranes, as well as affecting the respiratory system due to the change in temperature. Infectious respiratory diseases and bugs can be transmitted via the air circulatory system and many people suffer from chronic hoarseness and throat irritation when working for prolonged periods in an air conditioned environment.

Provided that the temperature is maintained between 21 and 25 degrees centigrade and that air conditioned spaces are well ventilated, a professionally installed and well maintained air conditioning system should pose no  threat to health and can provide numerous benefits.  There are a number of professional air con Lancing installation services who will ensure that your system is professionally maintained.

AAC Southern Limited are part of a network of nationwide air conditioning engineers providing home and commercial air conditioning services including air con Lancing and West Sussex.

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