Air Conditioning La Quinta, CA – Common Problems

The failing of air conditioning La Quinta, CA systems is quite common. While you will need a professional to do the repair of extensive damage on your air conditioning system, it is a good idea for you to try and diagnose the problem on your own. The problem may be a simple one that does not require the attention of a professional air conditioning repair service.

Many of the problems in an air conditioning system are as a result of some sort of failure. These problems are termed as failures because the system is no longer able to cool the rooms as it did before. This is usually as a result of some major fault that may require the attention of an air conditioning La Quinta, CA professional.

Complaints about air conditioners usually take the form of the noise coming from the system. Often times, an air conditioner may make a wailing noise which can be irritating. When the air conditioner is operating at full capacity, the wailing noise can be deafening causing noise pollution. This noise problem can be easily solved without having to call in a professional.

Loud noises in air conditioning systems are usually caused by the fan belt in the system that has become dislodged. This is a common problem in these systems and happens in the course of time and use. The problem can be corrected by simply replacing the fan belt. Check the bearings in the motor. If it is required, lubricate the bearings. If they appear worn down, you ought to purchase new ones and replace the old ones.

In some cases, the coils of the air conditioning system may freeze. The presence of ice or frozen coils may hinder the operation of the system and result in its inadequate operation. These frozen elements may block the system partially or completely like bottlenecks. This will hinder the circulation of the Freon and air combination. The heating elements should be able to counter the development of these problems. However, the problems may develop if the unit is not cycling the gases quickly enough. The calibration of the system ought to be checked to eliminate this problem when it occurs.

Another common problem is the leakage of water from the air conditioning system. This leakage could create water damage such as mildew or mold if left unattended. The leakages may indicate that the system is not draining away condensation as effectively as it ought. This may be due to the presence of a rusted condensation pan. It is a good idea to begin your inspection of the unit from the condensation pan before checking the pipes for leakage and blockages.

Even if you are able to diagnose the problem on your own, it is always a good idea to have a professional air conditioning La Quinta, CA contractor check the system.

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