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Plan your luxury cruise with luxury cruise agency in Oakton VA. ‘Luxury Cruise’, the phrase itself defines elegance, sumptuous indulgence and opulence. Luxury cruises differ in having a smaller cruise ship with fewer passengers and spacious suites that include beverages and all gratuities. You can expect gourmet dining, fine wines and dress codes. The ports of call are often exotic and unusual. Following are some travel tips and some travel choices.

Planning for a cruise – luxury cruise agency, Oakton VA

Your travel consultant can make your planning process much easier but if you are doing it yourself, keep these in mind:

Pick your destination first: There are luxury cruises that go all around the planet. Choose your exotic location and then look for the cruise line that services that destination.

Do you have any preference for the type of ship, cruise line, cuisine, and amenity package including entertainment? Are your dates flexible?

Travel Documents: You must have a passport. If you don’t have one, then apply for it in advance. Visas might be required for certain locations, especially if you are cruising to multiple countries. Travel insurance is an option but is generally recommended.

Immunizations: Requirements of immunization can vary depending upon your destination choice. Follow CDC guidance for immunization recommendations.

Why Luxury Cruises – Luxury cruise agency, Oakton VA

Apart from the fact that you are sailing in the lap of luxury, these cruises also provide peace of mind when it comes to watching your wallet. Most of the luxury cruises are all-inclusive so there are no incidental expenses. Since luxury ships are smaller with fewer people, all suites have ocean views. All-inclusive includes all suite accommodations, fine wines with lunch and dinner, open bars throughout the ship and complimentary dining venues. Some cruise lines even offer complimentary shore excursions.

Ports of Call – luxury cruise agency, Oakton VA

* Alaska: Enjoy the natural beauty at it best. Luxury cruises to Alaska often offer personalized, off the beaten path tours with flying options to the natural habitat ?of black bears for an up-close experience.

* Asia & Australia: You can plan for Far East, New Zealand or Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula. Package can also include shore excursions with scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking and swimming with dolphins.

* Caribbean and Mexico: One of the most popular destinations for a cruise vacation. You can find luxury cruises almost at all times. IF your dates are not flexible, this is an ideal choice for your luxury cruise.

* Europe & The Mediterranean: Cruise along Adriatic and Greek Isles, tour the shores of Black Sea ports and enjoy the Italian and French Riviera.

* South America: Variety of options from untamed rainforests to cosmopolitan cities. You can take your pick to watch highest waterfall, rainforests or the glacial peaks of Andes.




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