All Aspects of an Auto Insurance in Monterey

Do you know that driving a car without auto insurance is illegal? Without coverage on your wheels against accidents, you are endangering not only your life, but also others’ rights. If your car isn’t covered properly, any accident that you may cause will not be paid for by auto insurance. Monterey in Michigan is a medium sized city which is quite commercialized. It is still a growing city, and the municipality is trying to upscale itself to metropolis status soon. If you’re caught without proper insurance on your car, the authorities will be rather strict to maintain their image as a well administered city.

There are various kinds of auto insurance. Monterey residents are mostly from the upper working class and small businessmen class, and most are quite well to do. They ensure that their insurance is worth the investment and comes back in time as an advantage rather than a continual financial liability. Here are the different kinds of coverage that falls under a car insurance scheme –

Personal injury and medical care – This aspect of the policy will ensure that your are covered against all medical expenditures you may incur while being treated for your accident. If you are maimed, or by misfortune the accident turns fatal; you or your family will receive a lump sum of money for your future.

Third party injuries and damages – Like the personal coverage ensures that you are supported during medical care after your accident, the third party coverage ensures that any other person involved in the accident is covered for medical care. This also protects against public or others’ property damages that may have been a part of the accident, and the premiums on this factor is high.

Third party damage insurance – If your car isn’t at fault, and a third party driver damages your car and makes a run, third party damage coverage will pay for the repairs and medical care necessary in such a situation. This is also a high premium part of the policy, and by choice.

Theft coverage and parked damages – This is one of the most important parts of your auto insurance. Monterey is a small city, and car thefts aren’t common here. However, you never know when you fall victim, so it’s best to be prepared against any such unfortunate incident. If the car isn’t on the road, this coverage protects you from any unforeseen damages. Visit Coast Auto Insurance Services, Inc.

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