All You Wanted To Know About Gamma Knife

Gamma knife is basically stereotactic radiosurgical device through which it is possible to treat both malignant and benign tumors especially in the brain. In addition to this, the knife is used for treating vascular malformations and trigeminal neuralgia. This is a time saving method of treating cancerous growths. Patients can be treated within a single visit to the clinic or might require an overnight stay. Furthermore, there is no pain, blood spills and virtually no pain or inflammation. These features make it a popular form of treatment for brain cancer patients.

How is it different from traditional surgeries?

While there are various risks involved in traditional open skull surgeries, using gamma knife is safe and effective. Moreover, now patients will not have to spend days convalescing in the hospital or clinic. The non-invasive surgery of the brain cancer can be completed within hours and the patient can be released from the clinic within 24 hours. S/he can return to normal activities within a few days of such operations.

Are the results of such surgeries immediate?

As this is basically a radiation therapy, it will gradually show results depending on the stage of the cancer. An experienced oncologist supervises the progress of the gamma knife surgeries. However, treatment with gamma knife has shown a high success rate. The radiation alters the DNA of the cancerous tissues or lesion. This is done to make the malignant lesion eventually inert. Research is still going on to make it more effective as a non-invasive treatment.

Is treatment of cancer with gamma knife safe?

Such a technology allows the oncologists to perform non-invasive brain surgeries with extreme precision. Only experienced and specialized oncologists are capable of performing such treatment effectively without harming the tissues surrounding the affected area. It is an extremely safe and painless method of treating cancer. In treatment with gamma knife, neither a surgical incision nor anesthesia is required. Therefore risks involved with traditional open skull surgeries and treatments can be eliminated.

You must know that the cost of treating cancer with this radiation therapy is cost-effective than other forms of the treatment. There are also no lengthy post-surgical hospital stays and long continuation of expensive medication. Months of recuperation can also be avoided and most importantly, there are no post-operation disabilities associated with this form of treatment.

Worldwide, there are about 200 units of gamma knife. Elizabethtown is the area where successful treatment of brain cancer is done by using the technology. If you were looking for a reputed cancer center, this is the place to be.

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