All You Wanted to Know About SR22 Insurance

by | Jul 11, 2011 | finance

Accidents can’t be predicted, neither can we prevent them. However, it is important for every car owner to  drive responsibly by obeying traffic rules. According to a recent study conducted by the Road Safety Department, the number of reckless drivers violating traffic rules, exceeding speed limit, and changing lanes recklessly have increased by a great extent. Almost every driver faces minor or major accidents at some point of their life. This is why car owners need auto insurance policies that will pay for the damages of their cars, in case accidents occur.

What is SR22 insurance?

Drivers who are caught violating traffic rules or charged with DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol) must have SR22. This is generally a particular type of coverage that will save the drivers with such allegations from getting sentenced and paying huge amount of compensation.

In short, it is a vehicle liability insurance coverage which is a type of financial responsibility. Having this insurance policy means you are capable of having at least the minimum insurance coverage in your state. It also allows a person whose driving license has been canceled to drive again. If your driving license has been canceled for not having proper insurance coverage, you can take advantage of this law.

Benefits of SR22 insurance:

The major benefit of getting such insurance coverage is that you will be able to drive legally. If your driving license has been suspended for not having any auto insurance, it is almost impossible to get an insurance policy for your car. So, applying for such insurance coverage is the only way to get it back

What happens if you don’t file SR22?

If you do not file it at the right time, you won’t be able to drive legally. If by any chance you cancel SR22 coverage that you once had, your driving license may get revoked and you also need to notify your state Department of Insurance.

Important things to consider:

Applying for a SR22 coverage is something that cannot be taken lightly. Any mistake in choosing the right insurance company will cost you a lot in the long run. Your primary concern is to find a reliable company offering such insurance policies. To do this, you must do a little homework about the reputation and reliability of  the insurance provider.

So, if you are in search of an insurance provider offering SR22, Tucson is a place where you will find a large number of such professionals. To choose the right one, you must check out the track record of the company before purchasing a policy.




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