An Alternative Method Of Family Dispute Resolution

Every family has its times of conflict, and perhaps even characteristics of being dysfunctional. Sometimes, the family is able to navigate the issues, while other times, the outcome is not so positive and the family situation resolves in a split up. When this happens, there are attorneys who can be employed for family dispute resolution. In Indiana, there is a resolution resource called Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which can be used to the family’s advantage, both financially and emotionally. Doing so can save time with a lengthy lawsuit as well.

There are trained, impartial persons who will help the family members resolve the issues they have. The setting is not as formal as in a courtroom setting, so the pressure and environment are set up to be a little more relaxed. The most common form of this resolution is called mediation. In the mediation process, the parties discuss the issues that are really of vital importance and learn to squash what really doesn’t matter. The goal of the mediation is for both parties to come to terms upon which they both can agree.

Some disputes cannot be resolved through the mediation process, unfortunately. The case ends up having to go before a civil court, preferably with the representation of a competent lawyer. Martin Law Offices have been providing legal services for clients in the Angola, Indiana area for several years. Patricia L. Martin is the leading attorney whose practice includes, but is not limited to, divorce law, child custody, paternity suits, child support and adoption. She also handles other legal matters: wills, DUIs and other driving violations, real estate, estate law and personal injury cases.

For help in family disputes and other legal matters, Martin Law Offices are available to offer compassionate guidance and advice. Interested clients who live in Orland, Auburn, Lagrange, Hamilton and Fremont, Indiana can also find help from the practice. Family matters, as well as other legal issues, can be resolved professionally and quickly. If you have an issue in your family and need family dispute resolution, the law offices are available. Visit their website at You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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