Animal Removal Oklahoma City OK for Unwanted Animal Visitors

by | Apr 12, 2013 | home-garden

Some of the types of wild animals that occasionally make themselves at home in residences and back yards, requiring animal removal Oklahoma city OK, are bats, birds, mice, moles, raccoons, rats, squirrels, opossums, skunks, snakes, and woodchucks. You might hear bats rustling in the attic, hear mice scratching inside the walls, see animal droppings in or around the home, or notice an unpleasant odor.

Outside, snakes may take up residence in your garden or inside a wood pile. Raccoons may tip over and pilfer through your garbage cans at night. Skunks may dig in your yard and crawl under the house or porch. Pigeon droppings can damage house and car paint. Other birds building nests in the home can be a fire hazard.

The animals have likely entered the home or commercial building to have a safe place to create a nest to have their young, and to escape the elements outside. During the winter, they’re looking for warmth. In the meantime, however, they can damage the home. Animals may chew on wires, eat their way through insulation, and deposit droppings full of bacteria, and leave an odor that can permeate the residence. They can make their way to your kitchen or pantry and get into your food.

It is illegal to try to poison them, since people and household pets could be affected by the poison. Using other substances as animal repellents to try to repel critters may backfire, because the animal may burrow deeper into your walls or further inside the living areas of the home to try to get away from the repellent.

Removing the animal yourself can be dangerous. Just maneuvering safely in an attic or through a crawl space under the house can be dangerous and dirty. Frightened animals may bite, especially if the animal is a female who is protecting her babies. It’s easier in the long run to hire a professional for animal removal in Oklahomacity OK instead.

An animal control service will trap the animals humanely instead of killing them, relocate them, reunite the parents with their young, and prevent them from gaining access to the home or office building again by sealing off any entry points the animals have used. After removing the animals from the property, the next step is to seal off any entry points, like attic vents, chimney caps, and holes in the walls or foundation.

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