Answers to Some Vital Questions Regarding Cremation

Cremation is a process in which a dead body is turned to chemical compounds, mainly in the form of bone fragments and gases. With the rising population all over the world, it has become quite difficult to accommodate enough land for people who expire. This is the main reason behind a rising trend amongst people to opt for this process. In fact, in most of the major cities in the US, like York (PA) and Columbia (PA), you would often find dead bodies being cremated. This in turn, also helps a lot to save both land and money.


Most of the people, residing in some of the major US towns and cities, like York (PA) and Hanover (PA) have certain questions in their minds regarding the process of cremation. Here are some of the vital questions answered to help such people clear their doubts:


  • This process is an end in itself: You would come across a number of people, who have this question in their mind. Some even believe that their near and dear ones, who are cremated, should be given a proper resting place, which can recognized by the expired person’s name and his dates of birth and death. This is most commonly known as memorialization.


  • Scattering the remains of the cremated person: This is actually allowed in most parts of the United States. Some people also believe that after cremation, the expired person should be allowed some amount of land so that he can be remembered by his friends and family members. Most of the people also believe that scattering the remains is considered to be a traumatic experience for the family members of the dead.


  • Funeral director required or not: According to the law of some cities, it is very important for a licensed person to be present when a dead body is being transported. This is mainly because, he would be require to obtain the necessary permits for transporting the body.


These are some of the vital questions answered about cremation. York (PA) and Progress (PA) are some of those places in the United States where you would be able to find a number of contractors who provide such services.  However, just take your time and look for a good and well known company so that you are able to get the best possible services when it comes to cremating the body of your late family member.




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