Are Lumineers Better Alternatives To Traditional Veneers?

Lumineers are the latest outcome of cosmetic dental technology. These are thinner than the traditional veneers. The latest types of veneers are made with specially formulated porcelain – Cerinate. Since the inception of this cosmetic dentistry technique, an increasing number of dentists and patients are opting for this method as a better alternative to the traditional veneers. Use of the latest technique can give you a perfect smile makeover. On one hand the lumineers can cover the ugly gaps between teeth, on the other those can hide the cracks, marks, and chips in the natural teeth. Even discolored or worn down dentition can be made to look perfect with the help of such porcelain shells.

Lumineers are obviously better methods of smile restoration because of the following reasons –

  • They are uniquely designed and custom-fitted to look exactly like the natural dentition. So, they hardly attract any undue attention towards your smile.
  • Unlike the conventional method, this latest smile correction procedure does not require any drilling or shots before the covers are cemented. Thus, it does not affect the natural teeth in any way.
  • The latest method is painless. That is the reason why most dental patients are opting for lumineers.
  • An interesting thing about these modern veneers is that they are reversible! So, they last for quite a long time. So, once attached, you are sure to be able to flaunt your smile for a long period of time.
  • This method does not require local anesthesia as in the case of conventional porcelain shells.  It also does not require shaving of the outer surface of the teeth like the traditional technique.

So, you can see that there are many reasons for the lumineers being superior to the traditional veneers. Recently, in addition to the regular veneers, dental shells have been introduced that are laminated in the latest Lumitray technology. This allows the dentist to attach multiple lumineers at the same time, which has helped in reducing the time required for carrying out the treatment. Now let us see what are the types of problems that can effectively be treated with lumineers –

  • Stained teeth
  • Uneven alignment or misalignment
  • Cracks on the teeth
  • Stains and discolorations
  • weak dentition
  • Ugly spaces in between teeth

However, as this is a relatively latest technology, not all the dentists are adept in carrying out smile correction treatment with lumineers. Remember, a dental clinic has to be registered to the manufacturers of such dental veneers to be able to offer such treatments. You should therefore do a thorough research on the reputation and the quality of services offered by the clinic before you opt for a treatment there. Contextually, you should know that when it comes to lumineers, Orland Park, IL is an area where such treatments are done by experienced professionals.




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