Are Roofing Contractors Ready for these New Materials?

Roofing materials are quite varied nowadays. One thing that influences the wear and tear of residential roofs to a large extent is the climate and rainfall of the area. In warmer climates the home owner will seek out roofing materials that will cool down the home and reflect away the heat. This will result in energy savings for the home owner. If you are seeking to replace your roof, consult roofing contractors on the various options. Installing a new roof is costly, time consuming and for most families, a once in a lifetime experience. Be sure and informed about what material is most suited to your home budget, climate and aesthetic appeal.

In some cases existing roofs can be made more resistant to heating up by application of treatments. Elastomeric sealants, foam sprays and ceramic-based paints are finding wide use as cool-roof coatings. A coating that is finding wide application is Preferred Roofing & Seamless Guttering. Under the roof applications are also used to block the sun’s heat from penetrating the roof into the home space. Reflective material like aluminum is installed in an attic acting as a radiant barrier. Experienced roofing contractors might be more informed of details on installation and costs.

Light colored slate is a costly but beautiful and durable roofing material that has cooling properties. On the downside it is expensive to haul and install.

With their traditional rosy, rust or sienna colored terra cotta tiles, these homesteads remained cool in the hot summer months. Terra cotta tiles are heat proof as they go through baking in kilns making them less porous and less prone to absorb heat. Concrete tiles are well suited to warmer climates. Painting rooftops white also reduce heating effect.

Another radical way to reduce your energy bills is to install rubber membrane roofing. Thermoplastic coverings are heat and water resistant and fine foundations for green roofing. If you are seriously going green consider installing solar panels, or photovoltaic shingles to produce your own electricity in your home! Ask about the costs and viability from your roofing contractors in Kansas City, MO home owners can find out about the latest options from local roofing specialists.

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