Are there any disadvantages to purchasing a Tankless Water Heater Carollton?

Tankless Water Heaters are also referred to as on-demand water heaters because they provide the right amount of water where it is needed the most. Due to its space saving design they can be placed in a central location to provide an immediate and constant supply of hot water for an entire family. Many have also noted that the savings produced by the elimination of water lost standing unused in a storage tank justifies the initial cost. With all of these pluses one may ask, are there any disadvantages to purchasing a Tankless Water Heater Carollton?

Water heaters, like any other household appliance, have seen great developments in recent years. The need for more efficient designs have caused manufacturers to continue to make improvements. A Tankless Water Heater Carollton is estimated to produce a monthly savings of 10-20 percent in your water heating bills. However while there exists units that are large enough to supply water to an entire family, there are certain circumstances in which this type of water heating unit will just not measure up. For example, gas models for residential use can provide 5 gallons of heated water with a maximum temperature of 90 degrees every minute. While this may sound good consider that this amount of water is only satisfactory for a family consisting of 2 people. If you have a large family where one member may be taking a shower while another washes dishes or clothing you may find that this type of model simply doesn’t meet your demand.

Electric models do not have an output as great as its gas-fired counterparts. Producing two gallons of 70 degree water per minute will probably only suffice for a one person household. Another area of concern is that a Tankless Water Heater Carollton may not maintain a constant water temperature. The fluctuation may prove most uncomfortable particularly when taking a shower. We’ve all seen the comedies where one member of the family is showering and another decides to do the laundry causing a sporadic flow of cold water into the shower resulting in a squeal of unpleasant surprise.

Finally, for those green families that are energy conservationists Tankless Water Heater Carollton may present moral concerns as well. Electric on-demand water heaters can be energy hogs drawing on electricity to quickly heat the desired amount of water. This could result in high electric bills every month. Gas-fired models although sparing the electricity require direct venting and if there is a pilot light this can expend an enormous amount of energy each month. Although on-demand water heaters can provide a cost effective alternative to the traditional water heater there are some areas in which concern is warranted.


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