Are There Disability Benefits In Arizona?

America is not, and probably never will be a “welfare state” but that does not mean that we are an uncaring nation that ignores the needs of many of its citizens. Through government intervention at both federal and State levels (augmented by private sector charities, trusts, foundations, etc), we do try to “take care” of the welfare of those seen to be at a disadvantage. People with disabilities are a major area in which we demonstrate our sense of both care and fairness.

On the one hand, we have programs to encourage both work and public places to be “disabled friendly” when it comes to accessibility and facilities. Being disabled does not mean that a person is automatically unfit for employment and there are many occupations that a disabled person can perform just as well as the able bodied; encouragement is given to businesses that actively employ disabled persons.

Long Or Short Term Disability?

Many of the welfare programs are designed for people who were either born with a disability or have become disabled through a natural misfortune (such as illness). Unfortunately, disabilities can also be the result of accidents. Auto crashes, sports injuries, criminal activity or accidents at the workplace leave many people either permanently disabled or unable to lead “normal” lives for quite some time. As a result, the accidental victims may find themselves out of a job and unable to obtain further employment for the duration of their disability.

Major Sources Of Help

Both the Arizona Department of Economic Security and the Social Security Administration (created in 1935, under President Roosevelt’s administration, as the first major federal welfare agency) have programs in place to provide disability benefits in various forms – both direct and indirect. People with claims under the federal system may download the basic details from the Social Security Administration’s website; but, be warned that the outline pfd booklet runs to 16 pages which some might find difficult to fully comprehend.

Should You Require Help To Get Help?

In ideal circumstances where no one would ever dream of trying to cheat or beat the system, it would be simply a matter of any disabled person asking for benefits and automatically receiving them. But, we do not live in such a perfect world and a multi-level system of checks and balances exists to prove that a claimant is eligible for Disability Benefits In Arizona before they can receive a single cent. At heart, the system is fair and just; but, many disabled persons do find it necessary to seek professional advice on how to obtain the Disability Benefits In Arizona to which they are entitled.

When considering a claim for Disability Benefits In Arizona, it can be a wise move to discuss matters with a professional before proceeding further. The attorneys at US Disability Group can serve you well in this respect; contact them on 877-202-4825 to set up an initial appointment.

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