Austin Drug Testing: 5 Most Common Tests

According to the Government of Arkansas, one out of every six employees is a drug user. Research studies have proven that drug abuse related problems cost businesses in the US approximately $81 billion in lost productivity. Therefore, most employers have made drug tests a part of their pre-employment screening process. This article will explore the five common tests that doctors and Austin drug testing professional rely on.

Common Tests at Austin Drug Testing Centers

Tests are performed to ensure that a patient’s body does not contain a foreign chemical or compound that may adversely affect their health, and in turn, their productivity. There are five tests most commonly recommended by medical groups and performed at reputed Austin drug testing centers. They are as follows:

1.    Urine test: This is the most common type of test. Urine is collected by a patient in the presence of a medical practitioner in a tamper proof container. Once a sample is collected, it is sent to an Austin drug testing lab. Additionally, the temperature of the sample is checked to make sure it belongs to the patient.

2.    Blood test: Blood contains RBCs and WBCs responsible for fighting microbes, thus making up an important part of the immunity system. With some diseases, a person’s immune system tends to slow down. A blood test at an Austin drug testing center can be performed to check whether any foreign element is present in the blood stream.

3.    Sweat drug screen: Sweat is an alkaline mixture in water. Its unique nature makes it optimal for dissolving foreign compounds. A sweat drug test is most commonly used in competitive sports and games to check against performance increasing drugs and anabolic steroids.

4.    Oral fluid-based drug test: Austin drug testing facilities provide tests conducted on oral fluids. Such tests are most commonly conducted on saliva. Saliva may contain remnants of items ingested and can be tested for the presence of an unwanted element.

5.    Hair testing: Traditionally, this was not a part of the standard testing process but recently hair testing has gained popularity. Medical experts believe that prolonged usage of certain chemicals or substances can affect the hair follicles. Therefore, Austin drug testing centers provide hair testing for more stringent drug screenings.

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