Barbell jewelry threads, internal or external

There are many places to purchase gold barbell body jeweler, many jewelry stores have a selection but in many cases online merchandisers carry a wider range as they specialize in it. If you actually can handle the jewelry it is easy to determine if the barbell threads are internal or external, this is not the case with an online store as the jewelry is presented assembled. Because of this, you will frequently see the thread positioned mentioned. The thread location is important for a number of reasons.

Gold barbell body jewelry has threads, they are necessary so that one end can be screwed off to allow the insertion of the stud through the piercing. It is not just barbell jewelry that is threaded, labret is as well.

External threads are found on the end of the barbell, it is secured in an internal thread that is in the ball. Externally threaded barbell jewelry means that the thread must pass through the piercing and once through, the ball is then screwed in place.

Internally threaded body jewelry is just the opposite. The internal thread is on the barbell and the external thread is on the ball. With this being the case, the thread does not have to pass through the piercing, the barbell is smooth, the fastening is done by inserting the threaded portion of the ball into the internal bar thread.

It is absolutely mandatory that when a piercing has just been done that the initial piece of jewelry have internal threads. It cannot be stressed enough that the part of the barbell that goes through the body must be smooth as there is no possibility of the thread irritating the piercing.

Although it is mandatory that new piercings use gold barbell body jewelry with internal threads, one the piercing is completely healed, there is less reason not to use external threads. Once the healing is complete, there is no open flesh that can easily pick up an infection from the bacteria which can cling to the threads.

Gold barbell body jewelry with internal threads is more expensive because it is more time consuming to manufacture. When you purchase body jewelry, regardless of whether the piercing is fresh or healed, do not purchase from a novelty store as their inexpensive product is usually only plated and will soon cause irritation.

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