Basement Waterproofing in Westford MA can Eliminate the Moisture

A musty or damp basement not only makes the space less usable, but it can also cause health issues, too. Getting rid of the dampness can allow the room to be functional again which can add to the usable square footage in a home. Basement waterproofing in Westford MA offers solutions to locking out moisture by creating a barrier to close off ways that water can get inside.


If the problematic moisture is due to poor soil drainage around a home’s foundation, the repairs will need to be done on the outside to reduce the pooling of water near the home. This may include putting in drains or regrading the yard so that it slopes outward, away from the foundation. If the moisture issue stems from condensation continually building up on the inside of the basement walls, then the issue may be resolved by adding a sump pump, running a dehumidifier, or wrapping the walls with a waterproof barrier.

Foundation Wall Wrap

When a basement remains damp most of the time, it cannot be used as a living area or a storage space for personal possessions. A foundation wall wrap stops moisture from penetrating the walls, along with sealing out ground vapors to eliminate dampness in a basement. The wall wrap is applied to the inside walls and is made from a heavy-duty reinforced material which is tear resistant and has a lifetime warranty.

Controlling Water on the Exterior Side

In many cases, reducing moisture in a basement must be done by correcting outside water issues. A DRY-WELL water leaching system rapidly pulls water away from the foundation in an underground drainage system that doesn’t require heavy-duty equipment to install it. The water is extracted from the ground near the foundation and dispersed elsewhere so that water does not pool or puddle around the home’s exterior where it can leach into the basement.

Health Issues

Mold and bacteria can build up in a damp basement and cause respiratory issues in people with compromised immune systems. Less than healthy air can also increase asthma problems. It’s imperative that a moisture ridden basement be treated to remove excess water from the environment.

Solutions for basement waterproofing in Westford MA can put an end to a dingy, musty, damp space. For information regarding options that may be beneficial for your home, please contact us.

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