Beautiful Garage Doors in Gaithersburg

Did you know that most people in America use automated garage doors? Gaithersburg is a commercial city and one of the largest in State of Maryland. People here have some very beautiful houses, and most seek to have equally suited garages. Since the population here is mostly of the rich working class, you can understand how they will have a passion for good cars. Americans are crazy about their cars, and having a good garage to put in is quite important to folks.

Depending on your house architecture, the design of your garage, and the number of cars you keep in there; you can get yourself a variety of  garage doors. Gaithersburg homeowners don’t mind paying a few extra dollars for better products, and here are some of the latest trends when it comes to doors for your garage –

1.       Light metals like Aluminum and Tin are used more commonly these days than the usual steel doors. The material is much lighter, and more beautiful than steel; because steel will eventually become dull, while these metals will not loose their sheen so fast.

2.       Plated chain mail and scroll sheet designs are getting more frequent when it comes to garage doors. Single or double panel doors are used too; but people like the whole flexible and modern element these doors give to your house’s looks.

3.       Almost all garage openings are automated, but some people like to keep an old fashioned chain and pulley system just for antique value. This is more common to find in homes of people who collect vintage cars. It’s also very rare to find such garage doors. Gaithersburg companies do however, install some now and then.

4.       Automated doors which use IR remotes and personal number codes for security are common, but the latest automation is more futuristic. This type uses your car’s unique electronic digital signature to recognize your vehicle when you drive in and automatically opens up. Makes you feel like driving in the bat-mobile – oh, so cool!

If you want your home and garage to feel suited aesthetically, you should always choose the type and make of garage door. Gaithersburg homeowners are mostly rich, and ready to spend the extra few dollars it takes to get a special door of their choice. Remember, you garage is a part of your home’s frontal exterior, and it should look just as beautiful as the rest of your house.


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