Benefits of Trane Air Conditioning

Trane is a name you are likely familiar with and a name that evokes feeling of quality. It is because of the company’s reputation that you should consider Trane air conditioning in Palatine. Trane started out as a plumbing shop in Palatine. Over the years the company changed its focus to heating and air conditioning.

You can expect a Trane air conditioning unit to last from twelve to fifteen years before you will need to replace them. If you do an exceptional job of maintaining your unit it could last even longer. Central air conditioning units in general require very little maintenance, but any equipment will require servicing once in a while. By getting any repairs done quickly it will help to keep your air conditioning unit running at its top performance.

When you purchased your Trane air conditioning in Palatine unit it came with a manual. This manual has some simple instructions for some basic maintenance procedures. If you follow the instructions and take the few minutes it will require each year you will increase the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. It will be worth the time you take to keep your unit running smoothly.

One of the most basic of all maintenance is cleaning or replacing the filters every few months. Where you live will have a lot to do with how often the filters will need to be changed. Even with in the same city, different areas could require more or fewer filter changes. The good news is that filters are usually not very expensive.

Depending on your skill level you may be able to clean the debris out of your air conditioning unit yourself. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, hire a professional. If you use a Trane trained maintenance person they will follow the established comfort specialist guidelines. This will insure that both your needs are met and Trane’s quality standards are maintained.

The most common time of year to have your Trane air conditioning in Palatine serviced and ducts cleaned is in the Spring. This will get everything ready for the hot summer months to come so that you and your family will be comfortable.

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