Biker With Cotton Skull Caps

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Cotton skull caps are often worn by those who ride motorcycles; there are many reasons for this. It is also a statement. These caps can be found to come in all sorts of patterns, including things like flames, skull and cross bones, and many more. One of the things you will want to consider is these are especially designed for bike riders. Unlike a standard bandana skull caps are designed to fit snugly and flatly around your head, tying only at the nape of the neck.

Hide Helmet Hair With Cotton Skull Caps

If you’ve spent any time in a helmet you’ll understand that when you take it off your hair can be a disaster. This used to cause problems for many who road motorcycles, women especially. It was impossible to look presentable after pulling your helmet off. Well, cotton skull caps offer you a solution to that problem in more than one way. They keep your hair down when you are wearing your helmet. Many women don’t want to wear helmets because of what they do to their hair, wearing this cotton cap underneath can help to ensure that your hair isn’t caught in the helmet and tangled beyond recognition.

Cotton Skull Caps Make Helmets More Comfortable

If you do any long riding you know that your helmet can become uncomfortable after a short period of time. One of the best things you can do to help keep this from happening is to wear a cloth cap underneath. This light fabric will help to keep your helmet secure, while still keeping you safe. It can protect your skin from the unsightly and uncomfortable marks that helmets often leave behind. You know that your helmet is a safety necessity, and you also know that it’s the law, in almost every state. So instead of risking both your life and a legal fine and not wearing your helmet you can turn to a cotton skull cap to keep you more comfortable.

Difference Between Quality Cotton Skull Caps And Non-Quality

Sometimes the saying you get what you pay for is true. When you purchase a low cost skull cap, you’ll find that it is not put together in nearly as nice a matter as ones that cost a little more. In most cases it is well worth spending the extra money. You’ll find that a quality cap will have reinforced seams and be made out of only the highest quality fabric. This will ensure that your cotton skull cap will be able to stand up to the rigors of a long and now comfortable ride.

Cotton skull caps keep you from having to fight with the mess of hair that you will face after wearing a helmet. They can also help make your helmet a more comfortable part of your safety gear. For more information go to:

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