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Injuries happen to people every day and are often because of the negligence of others. These accidents can be costly on both an emotional and financial level. When this happens, it is time to contact a personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury encompasses many avenues such as:

   * Damage to property

   * Emotional distress

   * Bodily harm

The cause of an injury is often the basis for a personal injury claim. A determination of negligence on the part of the defendant is made in most cases. After this is resolved, the extent of liability and amount of damages must be decided on.

Acts of Others

People who are harmed by the careless acts of others deserve to be protected under federal and state laws. These are designed to keep them safe and look after their interests. If a person does not take appropriate action that is needed for safety, they can be held liable.


Personal injury claims should always be filed by a lawyer who is familiar with the process. They need to have a specialty in this particular area of the law. People who live in Illinois turn to a personal injury lawyer near Mokena.


Dealing with an injury is stressful. BKMS Injury Attorneys are dedicated to helping people receive the compensation they deserve including:

   * Pain and suffering

   * Lost income

   * Medical debt

The cost of an accident can really add up. The firm of BKMS is ready and willing to answer any questions pertaining to the case. It is time to get on the right track with a Mokena personal injury lawyer.


Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C. Injury Attorneys have been helping people since 1952. Their dedication and service is part of the firm’s mission. Now is the time to visit their site at https://www.blocklaw.com/ and see how a personal injury lawyer Mokena can save the day.

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