Car Repairs in Reno – How Computerized Car Diagnostics Work

It used to be that plans for car repairs in Reno had to be done by manually taking a look at different items around a car and seeing how they work. This often took a while to handle and in some cases the real problem that had to be repaired couldn’t be found. Today car diagnostics are handled with computers. This makes it easier for issues to be found.

It’s especially easier to see how intermittent issues could be found. Sometimes a problem like an engine failing to work at times might not be found when a traditional inspection is handled. A computer diagnostic test could be used to find any intermittent problems that might be sneaking up on the vehicle. This makes it a little easier for anyone to figure out what the problem with something might be.

How is This Done?

This is all done thanks to the OBD II standard that cars use. This is a standard that was established in 1996 and is used by all cars that were built in or after 1996. The OBD II, or On-Board Diagnostics version two, system is used by linking a car up with a diagnostic tool or program that a car repair shop can use. It is made to report on the vehicle by checking on varying patterns that the car has been going through. These patterns relate to:

*     How the ignition in the engine is being handled

*     Fuel injection

*     Temperatures around the vehicle

*     How the throttle and brake systems react when the driver controls them

*     RPM levels around the engine

These factors are many more are used to figure out what is going on with a vehicle. It is done to see what specific kinds of car repairs in Reno have to be handled before a car can be ready for use anywhere. These repair standards are very valuable and can make a great difference in terms of how a car is being operated.  

Individual Codes are Used

Computer car diagnostics are made to where a computer can read what is with a car and create an appropriate code based on what the issue with a car is. This code consists of a series of numbers and letters that are translated to see what the problem with something might be. These are used to list information on factors like the following:

*     Where in the car an issue is located in; this could be in the powertrain or body of the car among other spots

*     Whether or not individual circuits are the problem

*     Air issues

*     Transmission errors

*     Engine problems including cases where it does not ignite properly or it keeps misfiring

*     Speed control issues

The problems that can be controlled and reviewed in the computer diagnostic process are too important to ignore. People who take in their cars for repairs in Reno should see why this diagnostic procedure is as effective as it can be. It is used to review the exact problems with a car so it can be fixed as soon as possible without any problems involved.

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