Cards to Announce Your Marriage

Marriage cards or announcements are the perfect way to let your family and friends know about your upcoming marriage. These cards are the perfect keepsake for your loved ones and for your posterity. Most couples who are getting married should plan on having their wedding announcements out about one month prior to their wedding date to give their friends and family sufficient notice of their upcoming wedding so that they can clear their calendars for the special day. If you have already been married it is still proper to send out wedding announcements up to two months after the wedding has taken place.

Generally it is the responsibility of the bride and her parents to cover the cost of the marriage cards and typically is worded in a specific way that the bride’s parents announce the marriage of their daughter. The announcements can be formal, informal, or can take on a theme of the wedding. There are many online services that allow you to design your own wedding cards and they also offer templates that you can simply add in your information if you don’t have something particular in mind.

Designing your own card can be a lot of fun though, and it is fun to choose your own colors, font size and wording type. You can make them casual or very formal. Many of these sites allow you to upload pictures that you can add to the card and are very affordable. In fact, you can make beautiful wedding announcements on just about any budget. Online sites allow you to design your marriage cards and print them and have them shipped to your home all in one stop shopping and you can design your cards and have them delivered to your home all within a few days if you had to.

If you have already been married, it is still nice to send out an announcement of your marriage so that those who did not attend your wedding can send there well wishes and presents to help you start your journey of marriage. You can also order thank you cards that match your wedding announcements to send out to all of those people who attended your wedding and gave you gifts. These thank you cards can be very simple and can have your name already printed on them. You can also include a picture on them of the two of you for a little keepsake.

Marriage cards are a great way to announce your upcoming marriage. You can make your marriage cards online in no time at all.


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