Caring for Your Laundry Before Dropping it Off for Service in Charlotte

If you don’t have a lot of time to do your laundry or you have too many items to wash at home, then consider using a laundry service that allows you to drop off your clothing and other items so that they can be washed and picked up later. When using this service, there are some ways to make the process a bit faster for you and the person washing your clothes.


Try to sort your clothes before using a service that offers drop-off laundry in Charlotte, NC. You can also let the person responsible for your clothes know how you want them sorted so that items aren’t damaged. If there is something delicate, then consider washing it at home or giving detailed instructions to the laundry service.


Check all of the pockets of the clothes that you plan to take to the laundry business. This can prevent unwanted paper and other items from mixing in with your clothes when they are washed. You also want to look over your clothes so that you can note any damage that is already present in the event that you see any new areas when you pick up your clothing.


When you go to a business that offers drop off laundry in Charlotte, NC, you need to make sure the price of the service is what you were quoted. Talk about any special products that you want to be used or any special care that needs to be taken with items that you have so that you have the best estimate possible.

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