Cash for Gold – Best Ways to Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry

Buying jewelry is a wise investment, especially today when the market isn’t quite predictable! If you buy ornaments and decorative items made of gold or platinum, it will surely help to secure your future. If you invest in gold, platinum, diamonds and other precious stones, you can always be sure that these would never go out of fashion. If you’re in urgent need of cash, selling these items at a reputed jewelry store would fetch you a considerable sum, to meet your urgency. Reputed jewelers sell the best brands of designer jewelry besides buying old and broken pieces of gold and silver ornaments as well as precious stones and offer ‘on spot’ cash to sellers. If you’re looking to earn cash for gold, opt for a reliable buyer, who would offer you the best deal!



Unwanted jewelry are those which are broken, suffered damage, scrap, needs extensive repair, mismatched, or antique/display items which cannot be used anymore as accessories. If you own such unwanted jewelry items especially the ones made of gold and silver or studded with precious stones like diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, etc you can get ready cash in hand by selling these to a reputed jewelry shop. Ask for referrals from your friends and acquaintances and you might discover a reliable shop to buy or sell your used, old, scrap, or unwanted jewelry!



Pawn shops are also said to offer good return to sellers. But this cannot be fully trusted upon. Being middle-men, pawn shop owners tend to offer gold sellers less than what their items are actually worth, whereas they would sell the same stuff to a foundry for a much higher price. In this way they would maximize their profit margin. Expert gold traders wouldn’t advise you to opt for pawn shops. However, if you’re looking to buy used articles like baseball bats, lawn mowers, sound boxes, and even bicycles, you might strike a deal by visiting a pawn shop! But while looking to get cash for gold, it is better to stick to a reliable jeweler.



Online selling of old, antique or unwanted jewelry is another way to earn cash for sellers. But, again, this practice is not above speculations! In a typical online gold selling, the website offering such services would ask the seller to send his/her details, following which a ‘free kit’ will be mailed to the addressee. The seller has to send his jewelry item inside that kit by post to the address provided and will receive cash (through online transaction) or cheque in return. But often such transactions are reported to be sketchy. Besides, online selling may not offer the best value to an otherwise exotic piece of jewelry! Payment could be delayed and in exceptional cases even fraudsters are found to be linked with such activities.



The best ways to sell your unwanted, antique, broken or mismatched jewelry is to visit a reliable and reputed jeweler in your city. If you want cash for gold, Westchester County is the place to be! Here you’ll find the best store offering customers sales and buying, trading and repair of jewelry, all under one roof!


Cash for gold Westchester County – Do you want to make profit and get cash for gold? Westchester County has Michael Matthews Jewelers. They sale and buy quality jewelry and precious stones with verbal appraisal and free estimations.

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