Celebrate Back To School With Sensational Fireworks Over Lake Michigan

Whether it’s the kids’ senior year in high school or their freshman year of college, they deserve to begin it with a bang. That’s fireworks, of course. Celebration of any type is what Chicago’s First Lady does best. Celebrants can choose any number of tours, but the fireworks come on the late Chicago Lake Cruise. Here are the facts.

Summer Fireworks

Show of hands: how many cities put on a firework show two nights each week of summer for no reason at all? That would be Chicago, and the show is 15 to 20 minutes on Wednesday (9:30 pm) and Saturday nights (10:15 pm.) The show is precisely synced with music. Lake Michigan is the best place to see the light show, and luckily the First Lady cruises the lake at that time.

Dinner Cruise

Celebrants have a choice of foods from caterers working with Chicago lake cruise boats. French, Spanish, California-style, Chicago deep dish-pizza, salads, and sandwiches, as well as chef-prepared dining experiences, await celebrants’ choices for their dinner cruise. Students won’t have a chance to dine like this until they return home for school breaks. While awaiting the fireworks show, the kids get a very special meal with their families.

The Show

The music rings out across the water. Toes tap to the beat as the show begins. At first, the Ferris Wheel is the only color in the dark sky as it twirls through the night. Then, color fills the sky as the fireworks pulse to the beginning beat of the song.

The glow in the sky is reflected in the water as celebrants basically see two light shows. The night turns to day as colors burst through the velvet midnight blue sky. The music crescendos as the fireworks fill the sky with color. Chicago’s First Lady hopes celebrants are awed with the cruise and the light show. Find out more at Chicago’s First Lady Cruises.

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