Chapter 7 Attorney Orange Park FL – Who Can File

Bankruptcy is a powerful tool for those who find that they are deep in debt and see no end in sight. Chapter 7 is the most common type of bankruptcy filed by those in debt. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy you may be interested in knowing if you will be able to file under this chapter.

There are many circumstances that will lead you to seek the assistance of a chapter 7 attorney Orange Park FL. The situations highlighted here are just some of the most common circumstances.

You may need the services of a chapter 7 attorney if you find that you owe a lot of money in medical and credit card bills. Both medical debt and credit card debt are unsecured debt. Chapter 7 was designed specifically to eliminate such unsecured debts. If you choose to decide to file for bankruptcy to clear these debts you will have them cleared within the year. This therefore works quickly for the elimination of these debts. You do not have to wait for years to repay them.

If you do not own much property, you will not be under much threat when you choose to file for bankruptcy under chapter 7. A chapter 7 attorney Orange Park FL will advise you on the best approach for your case, as there is limited protection for your property under chapter 7. However, you may find that your property is exempted from liquidation. You may therefore find that you can keep your car, your house, and some of other important items such as tools, photos, appliances, and books.

Before you can apply for bankruptcy under chapter 7, you must be evaluated to determine if you truly qualify for bankruptcy. This is why it is important to approach a chapter 7 attorney instead of going it alone. Your chapter 7 attorney Orange Park FL will go through all your financial records and determine if you are eligible to file for bankruptcy under chapter 7.

If your attorney agrees that you are eligible, you will be subjected to a means test. This test is used to evaluate your eligibility. The test evaluates your income, assets, and debts to determine how true your claim is. If you have chosen to use an attorney, they will prepare you for this test. You will therefore not have anything to worry about, as the evaluation should turn out in your favor.

It is important to note that although declaring bankruptcy may seem like waving a magic wand to get rid of debt, it is a painful and tedious process. Many people lose property that is important to them. It is therefore important to think it through before you begin the process.

Although bankruptcy is a powerful tool, it is important to think it through before you start the process. Learn if you are eligible for the assistance of a Chapter 7 Attorney Orange Park FL. For more information visit


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