Common Issues and Solutions for African American Hair

African American hair texture can vary from person to person, but there are some common issues shared for most types of African American hair. Here are some of the common challenges and solutions for hard to care for hair.

Proper Shampooing
Many people shampoo their hair less than they should. Hair care professionals find that African American hair requires a shampooing every seven to 10 days for the best texture and manageability. You may be concerned that shampooing this frequently will dry your hair and make it become coarse. However it is necessary to maintain a healthy scalp. You can use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to help keep your air healthy and soft. There are many African American Hair Care Products from which to choose that contain the proper moisturizing ingredients that will not dry your hair.

The curlier your hair the more apt it is to break. This is because the curls make it difficult for the natural oils of your hair to reach the ends. It is necessary to use additional moisturizing African American hair care products to help maintain your hair’s natural oils. You can also use products to protect your hair if you are using heating tools such as hair dryers and straighteners. In fact, the less you expose your hair to heat the better. Never use products designed for limp hair as they can make matters worse. As well you can try sleeping with your hair in a silk night cap as this will help contain your hair’s natural oils. Bed linens, especially cotton ones will absorb your hair’s natural oils as you sleep.

Greasy Hair Products
Many African American Hair Care products have a greasy feeling that can be very uncomfortable and messy. These are the products to avoid as when your hair feels greasy it is because the product has not been absorbed into your hair. Natural essential oils are the best ingredients to help keep your hair moisturized. Avoid products containing lanolin as they will weigh your hair down.

Overuse of hair treatments, wigs and heat can all work together to lead to hair thinning. Thinning is also common at the temples as this is one of the areas that are most effected by hair styles such as braids. The tighter the braids you wear the more damage can be made to your hair follicles which can lead to hair loss.

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