Components Of An Automobile Air Conditioning System

Because today’s newest vehicles often feature automatic temperature control, any time you have a problem with your air conditioning in San Martin CA system you will likely have to take it to a licensed mechanic.  However, this doesn’t mean that you have to look clueless when a mechanic is explaining to you the problem with your air conditioning system.  By taking the time to understand different components of a car’s air conditioning unit, you will be able to make better decisions when it comes to authorizing repairs.

If you were to look at the front of your car where the radiator is located, you would likely see a small piece that looks like a miniature radiator behind it.  This is the first piece of an air conditioning in San Martin CA system and is referred to as a condenser.  When refrigerated gas enters the condenser, it is very hot and compressed, and the condenser basically works like a refrigerator, cooling down the gas until it turns into a liquid form.  The liquid form is then moved through the condenser and transferred to a secondary piece referred to as a compressor.

The compressor is considered the largest piece in an air conditioning in San Martin CA system and this is basically a pump that is operated with a belt.  Its purpose is to take in the refrigerated gas from the condenser and condense it down into cold air where it is then transferred into the passenger area of your car.  Many mechanics call this piece the heart of the air-conditioning unit and it is a round piece with a black end on it that is connected between the condenser and another piece called an evaporator.

The evaporator is actually placed inside the car’s cabin and its job is to pull out the hot air from inside the vehicle.  It also pulls out the humidity, which is why you will notice your water leaking from your car during the summer months.  This is the evaporator at work and without it your air conditioning San Martin CA system would not be able to function.  While it can be very technical to understand the evaporator, it is important to know that it basically helps keep your car from becoming too hot inside.  As the hot air from the interior of your car is pulled out through the evaporator it is moved to a piece called an expansion valve.  This valve will monitor the temperature of the gases in your air conditioning system and control the amount of gas that is sent through to the receiver dryer and then to the condenser, completing the cycle.

Find a service that offers air conditioning San Martin CA service for your vehicle today so that you don’t have to put up with hot air this summer. Make sure to have your air conditioning in San Martin CA system examined at least once a year to keep it running properly.

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