Concept of Home Health Care Services McLean, VA

Home health care services in McLean, VA offer home care professionals to individuals who need help with various daily activities. There are many terms used to refer to these services, including home health care, in-home care, and home care for patients.

There are various concepts that are applied in home health care services.

* Since home health care services aim to allow an individual to live at home rather than in a long-term institutional or residential care home, the patient should be able to access both professional health care services and life assistance services. Home health care services can involve pain management, physiotherapy, medication monitoring, assistance with daily activities, and disease education and management.

* Activities of daily living, or ADL, refers to activities such as bathing; eating; using the toilet; and moving around from one place to another. Home health care professionals can help the individual find ways to manage doing all the above, with or without assistance.

* Instrumental activities of daily living, or IADL, refers to daily tasks such as housework; taking medication; shopping; managing money; and preparing meals. A home health care professional can help the patient live independently by finding a way through which they can achieve all of the above.

Home health care services in McLean, VA allow these individuals to enjoy a number of benefits. One of the biggest benefits of hiring home care services is the cost effectiveness. Hospital bills can become quite high if a patient is hospitalised for a long period of time. The patient will also acquire skills to become more independent over time, which lowers the need for monitoring. There are also a number of diagnostic tests and medical technology that can be used conveniently within the household. Therefore, home health care services can provide adequate healthcare with this technology.

Patients can also enjoy having assistance for the activities they cannot do by themselves, allowing them to live a near normal life. This is very important, considering most individuals do not want to impose on relatives for care. Home healthcare services will step in when you need them most.
Home health care services form an integral part of the recovery process of an individual. Find out more about how you can get home health care services in McLean, VA from Capital City Nurses.

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