Construction Requirements For Network Cabling

by | Jan 16, 2013 | Business

Network cabling in Frederick MD has special considerations that require working closely with the building manager in order to optimize the performance of the company network.  It can be a lot of work to retrofit a building constructed in times before digital communications had been invented, and similarly, it can be a lot of work for an office or fabrication facility if the construction was completed without consulting a network cabling professional.  This article describes some of the consideration involved for optimal network cabling installation, and shows the importance of involving the cabling expert in the early stages of a new facility design.

Network cabling in Frederick MD cannot be installed using the same design philosophies used for installing power lines.  In comparison, power lines can be installed in almost any fashion that suits the facility.  The only common consideration is safety features involving very high power supply lines.  On the other hand, network cabling must be installed according to its own set of rules; otherwise, the network system will be prone to transmission errors.  These types of errors slow down system response and make the network system appear to the employees as “sluggish”.  In extreme cases, it can even make it difficult for computers and other networked devices to connect to the network at all.

The first rule of effective network cable installation is to keep the lines as short as possible.  This means that the cables are not designed to fit the facility but vice-versa.  Modern facilities are designed with specialized conduits used strictly by the network cabling.  Walls and other barriers are designed with the proper apertures to allow the cabling to go from source to destination in the shortest length possible.  This is because the amount of interference susceptibility a cable has is proportion to length.  The cabling is designed to be isolated from sources of interference such as power supply lines, heavy duty machinery, and any other sources of radio frequency (RF) interference.  This is a tricky business, which is why the project should be overseen by the best professional possible.  He will be able to examine your physical structure, the places were the network must be connected, and the environment, including machinery and other potential sources of interference, and make sure that the construction will accommodate the network cabling to yield the highest reliability system possible.

Network Cabling Frederick MD – If you are designing a new facility, be sure to involve an experienced professional to check the construction parameters to properly host network cabling in Frederick MD. Use proper installation techniques for network cabling in Frederick MD to optimize the performance of your facility’s network.

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