Contact a Roofing Company in Omaha, NE about Roof Damage

If you have just been through a storm, you should never survey the damage on your roof up close. Instead, before contacting a roofer, you need to make a visual inspection from a distance. This can be easily done with the use of binoculars. Why set yourself up for an accident when you can use a safer alternative?

Missing Shingles and Broken Seals

Storm damage to a roof can be clear or hidden. That is why you need to contact a professional roofing company in Omaha, NE for a close-up evaluation. Damage can result from the wind, hail, or falling debris. For example, when winds escalate, shingles can easily lose their grip on a roof. If shingles are missing, it will lead to leaks or interior damages. Sometimes the adhesive seal breaks. If this occurs, you may not know about the damage until it is professionally recognized.

Indicators of Wind Damage

Signs that you need to call a roofing company about wind damage include the following:

• Missing shingles

• Thin horizontal lines where the granules on the roof are removed

Hail Damage

Hail damage normally cannot be missed even if you are surveying your roof from a distance. Usually, damage from hail reveals itself in round-shaped divots on the roof or indentations. Indentations often show up where the granules are missing. If you see a pile of granules in your downspout, you probably need to consider calling a roofing company about a new roof.

Falling Debris

Falling debris can lead to cracked shingles, missing shingles, and the remaining debris. Needless to say, a storm can wreak a good deal of havoc on a roof. That is why it is good to know who to call when any storm damage occurs. Learn more about roofing solutions by going online and visiting today. Never delay making an appointment for an inspection. Your roof is your first line of defense for your home’s framework. Make the decision to address any problems immediately.


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