Cosmetic Dentist Long Island – Common Procedures

Traditionally, a trip to the dentist was to be avoided at all costs. You would only cross the threshold of a dentist’s clinic because you absolutely had to and the pain in your mouth was too much to bear. However, with the advent of cosmetic dentistry, more people are choosing to pay a visit to their cosmetic Dentist Long Island for regular cosmetic procedures.

If you look through magazines and TV commercials, you will realize one thing. All the models in the different advertisements are smiling. A smile is a welcome and an invitation to know the person behind the smile. Your smile can open doors for you. As the name suggests, a cosmetic dentist works to enhance your physical appearance. Although much of his/her work is centered on giving you that ‘perfect’ smile, he/she also focuses on ensuring you maintain good dental health.

There are several procedures available at any cosmetic dentist Long Island office. One of the most common is tooth whitening. This is a procedure performed to brighten your smile. The procedure may be performed to reduce staining or discolorations to the teeth. It may also be performed simply to make the patients’ teeth brighter and whiter. This procedure is often referred to as tooth bleaching.

You can also correct a discoloration problem by having tooth veneers inserted. Initially there were two types of veneer procedures. The first was the composite veneer. Also known as the direct veneer, this procedure is commonly used for correcting discoloration and involves the application of a bond and enamel on the discolored teeth.

The second type of veneer procedure is the porcelain veneer also known as the indirect veneer procedure. This involves the use of a very thin porcelain veneer and requires more visits to the cosmetic dentists for its completion.

A new veneer procedure was recently introduced that makes use of Cerinate porcelain. This is known as the Lumineer Porcelain procedure. The veneers used are as thin as contact lenses. The procedure requires little or no reduction of teeth. There is therefore no need for anesthesia.

Dental implants are also common procedures available at most cosmetic dentist Long Island clinics. Implants are often used to correct missing teeth or gaps in the mouth. Implants are used to anchor false teeth into position.

If you have crooked teeth, stained teeth, or gaps between your teeth that you would like filled, inquire from your cosmetic dentist Long Island of the possibility of undergoing tooth bonding. This is a procedure that involves pouring a resin over the teeth. The procedure results in the whitening of teeth and the filling of gaps. The procedure is also a great way to correct several decaying teeth that are close together.

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