Creating Eco-friendly Modern Office Space using Glass

Creating eco-friendly office space can be enhanced by using a glass wall design that provides natural light to inner offices which can reduce the amount of energy used each day. Glass partitions are often recycled and can be used throughout the office with changing opacities to reflect the amount of privacy required.

Window Offices
A glass wall design can give a whole new meaning to “window” office. When you incorporate glass walls into your office design you can bring natural light deeper into the office. This means those who are working within the cubicles and/or open concept space within the building can benefit from natural light as well. You can elect to use frosted glass to provide more privacy for senior managers as well as strips of frost in the centre of the glass wall to block out the view while allowing much needed natural light to penetrate the inner areas.

Glass Cubicles

Maintaining the glass wall feeling throughout the office means providing glass wall cubicles for staff. This provides two purposes: 1) It continues a more cohesive design throughout the office and 2) It allows the natural light to enter each work space. Staff will find it easier on the eyes and you will save on energy. In south facing offices you can even opt for smoked glass walls to block glare.

Reception Light
Reception areas tend to be located close to the elevators meaning they rarely enjoy the benefit of natural light. In a glass wall design even the reception area can enjoy natural light which makes for a pleasant welcome for visitors. You can also consider another eco-friendly design by installing a living or “green” wall in entryways. Green walls consist of solid greenery that require minimal care but inject oxygen into the work environment. They also have a soothing effect on the room.


Boardrooms often take up space along a bank of windows which can really block out natural light. Installing a frosted glass wall on three quarters of the wall from the ground up will allow plenty of light to stream into the inner office while providing privacy for those within.

There are many ways to introduce a glass wall design into your office. Glass walls provide much needed natural light and a modern design detail while helping to conserve energy.

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