Dental Implants Might Be the Right Choice

by | Aug 5, 2013 | health-medical

As people age, it is not uncommon for tooth loss to occur. No matter how old you are, it can still be upsetting. Tooth loss can occur for many reasons. It could be due to decay or even a past trauma to the mouth. In the past, the common procedures for replacing teeth were bridges and dentures. Today more people are choosing dental implants in Bridgeport, IL. This procedure replaces teeth in a natural looking and permanent way. Implants are not a fast fix and do require planning.

What is Involved In the Procedure?

First the patient will have to undergo x-rays and a C T scan to check to make sure the bone density is sufficient so the implant can be properly anchored. Next, a surgical procedure is completed where a titanium post is put in the jawbone. It sounds drastic, but it is a very common procedure nowadays and the failure rate is very low. One implant can be completed in approximately a half hour. Some people experience very little pain after the procedure.

Why Use Titanium?

Titanium is a very inert element that is used because it can easily integrate with the bone. Healing will take place over a period of three months. This enables the osseointegration to completely take place. This is important to make sure that it will develop the strength necessary to hold the crown in place.

After the titanium is sufficiently integrated with the bone, then your dentist will begin the second phase of the dental implants Bridgeport, IL. This will depend on what kind of implant is used. In some cases, a second surgical procedure is needed to uncover the titanium piece. Next the abutment is attached. This will be able to offer support to the crown. The crown is made to match the existing teeth. In the final stage, the crown is fitted over the abutment. This creates a natural looking and secure restorative look.

With proper care and maintenance implants can last for many years. This makes it the most economical solution in the long term view. If cost is an issue, a patient can explore financing options. Many dentists can provide you with information on how and where you can obtain financing for your procedure. While dental implants in Bridgeport, IL are more expensive and they do require time to complete, they can offer you a look that is natural, and that will keep you smiling for many years.

Dr. Ken Allen Sloop Dental has a qualified staff that can help get a beautiful smile by replacing missing teeth with dental implants in Bridgeport, IL.

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