Dentists: Helping your family get a better smile

A family that regularly visits their family dental office in Eldorado Hills is more likely to have happy and smiling members than those that do not keep regular dental appointments.  The reason is simple — proactive dental care can stave off many more dental illnesses than reactive care can. This means that family members who regularly have their teeth examined by a qualified dental hygienist are often able to act in advance to prevent long-term tooth problems.

To get the most effective of dental experiences in Eldorado Hills, it is best to have everyone in the family looked after by the same dentist, if possible. Knowing each member of the family and being familiar with the family’s dental history, will allow your dentist access and familiarity with the family members’ dental aliments, especially if there is a history related to some serious teeth and gum diseases.

A dentist that focuses on Family Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants and Periodontal Services is the ideal practitioner that you can get as your very own family dentist. With a multi-disciplined practitioner looking after your family’s dental health, it is unlikely that you will have to visit another professional, possibly inconveniencing you and your family members, to receive treatment for even the most complex of dental care needs.

Of course, it helps when a dentist can offer a full range of dental services, from regular hygiene services to more complex procedures such as extraction and root canals. It also helps when your family dentist is also able to gain your trust and confidence when it comes to dealing with sensitive cosmetic dental issues. Patients, especially seniors, are reluctant to admit the need for dentures. And although it may impact their quality of life, young adults and professionals may feel reluctant admitting the need for teeth whitening procedures. Many patients facing such conditions feel uncomfortable openly discussing these conditions. But if your family doctor also specializes in such problems, you will find it easier to seek the treatment you need. More importantly, if you and your family have been visiting the same dentist over an extended period of time, it is likely that the dentist him/herself will notice the issue and tactfully propose a treatment regimen.

Choosing a family dentist in your local area can somehow give you an assurance that they are more likely to be genuinely interested in your health than in monetary rewards. Some dentists have had dental practices spanning 20 years. You can leverage on the experience and expertise of these dentists as they have enough knowledge and skills handling not only adult patients, but children and teens as well. Family dentists are expected to have the necessary skills to handle patients both young and old alike.


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