Details About Getting a Phone Service for Free if You’re in Oklahoma

Unless you have a phone landline, then chances are high that you’ll need a cellphone of some type. However, you might not be able to afford the payment associated with some of the newer models that are available or even some of the basic phones. Here are a few details to consider about free services that you can obtain.


If you’re enrolled in various government programs, such as food stamps or Medicaid, then you can usually get a free phone service in Oklahoma. Sometimes, you might not need to submit an application if you have these services as the information is already in the system. If you don’t participate in these programs, then you might be eligible based on your income. Keep in mind that you need to fall under a certain percentile in order to get a free service. However, there are programs that might offer a discount on the bill if you’re income is a bit higher.


Once you have been approved for the program, there are usually multiple plans that are available depending on your needs. Basic plans typically have a set number of minutes that you can use each month, which might be beneficial for older adults who don’t use a cell phone all the time. There are also phones with unlimited talk time and internet access so that you can use the phone just as you would any other device. You can choose a free phone service in Oklahoma that allows you to keep a current device as well as long as it’s compatible in most situations. Contact SafetyNet Wireless at for more information.

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