Details on Compounded Medicines

Medicines have a typical flavor and smell. There are many people who are unable to tolerate the flavor of medicines. This is one of the main reasons they avoid taking medicines, mostly kids. What if medicines come in different flavors like chocolate, pineapple, tutti-fruity or peanut butter? One thing is for sure, you would not have to run behind your nagging child in order to make him (or her) take the medicines. That would be a great relief for you, right? Well, with compounded medicines, it would not be tough anymore to make your child take medicines.

Haven’t you heard about compounded medications?

* They are prescriptions written by doctors and prepared by specially trained pharmacist for meeting unique needs of patients.

* They are not available in medicine shops.

* If the patient is a child and unable to intake a pill and require a liquid variant of a medicine, or needs smaller dose than available in medicine shops.

* If a patient can’t tolerate a component (s) of a medicine such as preservatives or sugar.

Why doctors prescribe compounded medications?

There are a number of reasons why physicians prescribe compounded medicines. Let us have a look on the reasons behind the same:

* Many time standard treatments fail. At that point of time an alternative therapy is used – compounded medication.

* There are a many people who are unable to swallow tablets. So, they need some other form of dosage such as liquid variant or something that can be absorbed through skin.

* Sometimes certain medicines are discontinued for some economic reasons, but still doctors think that those medicines are good.

What is the difference between mass manufactured medications and compounded medications?

* Unlike mass manufactured medications, compounded medications are customized. That means they are prescribed by physicians to meet unique needs of a patient. They are not available commercially. They are prepared when prescribed by physicians.

* Mass manufactured medicines are under federal law, where as compounded medication is under state law.

This is all about medications that are compounded. El Dorado Hills is one of those places where you will come across a number of pharmacist manufacturing compounded medications. However, before choosing one of them, you should check if the pharmacist you are opting for is trained in compounding medicines and accredited by the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP).

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