Differences Between A Gel And Memory Foam Mattress In Hattisburg MS

When people consider a new mattress in Hattisburg MS, they typically have many options that can become confusing. If you want to consider the most popular versions right now, foam is one of the most popular ones available, but there is memory and gel options, which still mean you have to make a big decision. In order to make a better decision, knowing the differences can be helpful.


In 1970, NASA designed a special foam to help improve crash protection and seat cushions for passengers and pilots in airplanes. It was made from Viscoelastic, which is energy absorbent and very soft. It was a big hit with airplane passengers and pilots and was experimented with until mattresses were created using the foam.

Because it can minimize motion, it works well as an option for couples who move around a lot during the night. Many commercials were made where someone sat on a foam mattress and moved around as much as possible, while some red wine or other messy substances sat undisturbed, making the product very popular.

When most people think about memory foams, they typically think of something that perfectly molds to their bodies. While it will mold to your body and evenly distribute weight without extra pressure on the skin or joints, it is typically a hot substance and some people feel it is uncomfortable to sleep on. This is because the foams used offered a closed cell structure, which retains the heat.


When going to a store in Hattisburg MS to find mattresses, it will be helpful to know that gel options are considered a memory foam mattress, though it has extra benefits. While it does conform to the body as a regular one will, it also offers cooling gel beads that are bonded with the foam. This can help regulate the heat noticed with typical foam mattresses and allows the air to flow through it, making it slightly cooler when sleeping.

You will likely sink less deeply into the bed because the gel bonding creates more strength to the bed, so that you still feel comfortable but without the sinking feeling.

Also, some people notice an odor after many years of sleeping on their mattresses, but gel options include Eucalyptus, which removes the odors and helps the bed smell fresh. For more information visit the site http://www.mdserta.com

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