Discover Why More Hospitals Are Using Post-Op Checklists from a NY Company

When it comes to patient safety, you can never be too cautious. Hospitals have to initiate certain health and safety measures to stay compliant with health and safety organizations that keep track of this information. Operating rooms require even greater attention to details like instrument counts, pre-operative and post-operative checklists and other documentation prompts. It is no surprise that hospitals are now utilizing post-op checklist boards to lay out exactly how and when steps need to be implemented to ensure patient safety and compliance measures are met post-op.

Find Easy-to-Read, Color-Coded Post-Op Checklists to Decrease Errors

Most healthcare facilities use some types of checklist boards or other larger health and safety rule reminders to ensure staff is following the proper procedures. Adding a post-operative checklist board that can be easily read from across the room can make a huge difference in a workflow, decreasing errors and ensuring that all employees in the room collectively agree on procedure steps.

How These Easy-to-Use Checklist Boards Work

The method of using these boards is incredibly simple. The sliders are black when unused and when slid over and clicked into place expose either red coloring to mark for “incomplete” or green to mark for “completed”. This is a simple method to keep track of whatever safety postoperative checklist protocols are used in your specific operating room. Everyone in the room can seamlessly glance at the board to see what procedures have been completed or what still needs to be done. These boards eco-friendly as they don’t waste paper and are cost-effective as they are completely reusable.

Vibrant Colors, Clear Finish & Wall Mount Options Available

These impressive and easy-to-use checklist boards can be customized for each unique need. With various sizes and wall-mount options available, we have every board available for your facility. Browse the options available at Checklist Boards.

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