Eliminate Indoor Heat Issues With Quality Air Conditioning in Swainsboro GA

The insulating factor of most new houses is great for lowering energy usage, but it can be a real problem when the temperature gets high, and the AC fails. Once the heat begins to build up, it can be difficult to eliminate it without reliable Air Conditioning in Swainsboro GA. Of course, the AC does not actually chill the building. Instead, it transfers heat from one area to another. This is done by compressing a chemical refrigerant and cycling it through a series of coils. In the case of an air conditioner, the number of coils is usually two, but some systems can use more.

The most common type of AC is the one that is part of an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. This appliance is sized for the space to be treated and has at least two major components. The first of these is the condensing unit, and it is placed outside the house. The second is the air exchanger, and it is often located in the attic. This makes it easy to install the air ducts that are required for delivery, but it can place the appliance in a dust-filled area. This can be a problem if the system is not well maintained because the dust can clog the evaporator coil. The blockage could inhibit airflow and reduce efficiency.

Another type of Air Conditioning in Swainsboro GA is the split or ductless AC. This is the system that uses multiple coils. Each condenser can currently supply refrigerant to a maximum of eight coolers. However, this should be enough for most residential usage because each blower can treat fairly large spaces. The blower portion of the system is mounted on the walls and is supplied by a small set of hoses. One downside of this system is the need to place several small holes in the house so the refrigerant hoses can be installed. Maintenance may be a bit more involved because each blower needs to be cleaned, but it is easier to control usage so that unused areas of the building get less cool air than those that are frequently occupied. Find more information about AC installation, repair, and maintenance from the experts.

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