Factors to Consider When Doing Valley Irrigation Holland

When you want to do some serious valley irrigation Holland, you should not just go to the store and buy the accessories. You must consider many issues specifically those to do with the kind of pump you will install. This is because the pump you buy will depend upon the kind and size of farm you have. If your farm is located in a valley, you must take special care about your irrigation system to avoid malfunctioning. You need to consider the following factors when you want to irrigate your valley;

  • Valley irrigation involves delving in inconsistent layout of the landscape. If your water source is located within the valley, you must consider the lift from the water source. This is the distance between the water source surface and the highest point of the system at the slopes of the valley. You will get better performance from your pump if you lift the pump up to about 20′.

  • The number of exit points should be another determining factor to the kind of irrigation system and power of pump you will use. The more exit points you have the more power you will need to supply to ensure water reaches every part of your farm within the valley.

  • The diameter of your pipe can also determine the effectiveness of the valley irrigation Holland. The pipe should be neither too constricted nor too wide. A narrow pipe will cause friction in the pipe and restrict the smooth flow of water.

  • You will also need to consider the amount of water that the exit points of the system can produce collectively. The more they produce the more effective they will be. However, they will need more pressure that will require a powerful pump. Your valley irrigation would require many pumps if the size of the valley is large.

  • To maximize the use of your pump, you need to ensure it serves you the longest time. There is no need to replace a pump after a few months even if it pumps water to irrigate your valley for long hours every day. For that reason, you must get a strong pump made of cast iron or thermoplastic casing.

  • Before you decide on buying a certain type of pump, you should make some survey on the valley that you plan on irrigating. This will help you to get the estimates on the size of the valley and the valley irrigation Holland system you will need to install. A professional assessor and designer can help you avoid the mistake of underestimating or overestimating the capacity required for effective valley irrigation. Monetary considerations should be put aside if you want to have a trouble-free irrigation experience.

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