Family Mediation, Austin: Understanding the Process

According to a popular divorce related publication, the chances of divorce in couples who are brought up by parents who have had a successful marriage is 14% less than those who have not. Therefore, divorce and separation has a lot to do with family values and upbringing. When filing for divorce in Austin, you can do a lot to bring down the amount of stress and trauma associated with the legalities. Opting for family mediation in Austin could be one of the most plausible solutions.

With respect to family mediation, Austin based divorce lawyers would be keen to provide a complete explanation of the process. It is indeed important for you to understand the actual proceedings, before taking a call.

Questions You Should Ask About Family Mediation in Austin

Here are some questions you should ask your lawyer about family mediation in Austin to be able to make an informed decision regarding a viable alternative to divorce trials:

  • How can mediation be explained?

Mediation is a process where both husband and wife seek to assume complete control over the terms of settlement. Depending upon the complexities of the case, either a 4 hour or an 8 hour mediation process is carried out between both parties. Basically, it is a form of out of court settlement.

  • Who is the mediator?

Although social workers could also be engaged for the purpose in certain cases, the mediator in a majority of cases is a lawyer. He acts as the neutral entity in this settlement process.

  • How do we find one?

Finding a mediator attorney for cases of family mediation in Austin isn’t a difficult feat. An established family law firm would be the ideal place to look for one. Each would have a list of mediators to choose from. They will suggest one who has experience in similar cases of family mediation in Austin. Personality traits of the mediator should also be taken into account, since he would have to deal with negotiations.

  • What is he supposed to do?

The mediator is the communication interface between the two parties. He facilitates an agreement between both sides so that a trial can be avoided.

  • Can a mediator testify in court regarding his comments during the course of mediation?

The proceedings for a case of family mediation in Austin are kept completely confidential. The mediator cannot be asked to testify regarding his comments. Besides, you and your attorney can advise him on the facts you wouldn’t like the other party to know.



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