Find An All-Occasion Florist In Charleston WV

Looking for a gift that says “I love you”, “Thank you”, “Get Well”, “Congratulations”, etcetera? Look no further! A florist in Charleston WV may be the answer to ending the stressful search for that personalized gift that shows you care.

Why send flowers?

Sending flowers is a unique and customizable way to give a gift that has thousands of possibilities. From one single long-stemmed rose to large arrangements with various colors and blooms, a florist in Charleston, WV can help you make the perfect arrangement for any occasion.

Are flowers always a symbol of romance?

While some flowers are known for being icons of passion and romance, not all flowers are symbolic of love. Flowers have long been given as symbols of friendship, sympathy, thanks, apology, and more. Flowers can be given to loved ones or friends, but also make great presents to express welcome and appreciation.

How can I be sure I am sending the right message?

When choosing a particular flower arrangement for an event or present, ask your Charleston, WV local florist what they think is an appropriate choice. Different types of flowers, as well as certain colors, are thought to represent different things. Thus-in sending flowers you are sending more than a gift, but a symbolic message as well.
For instance, if you want to send a bouquet to tell someone you appreciate their friendship, yellow flowers are often thought of as jovial and whimsical flowers that represent the bonds between friends and the fun, excitement, and vibrancy that exists in such relationships. 
Red flowers are unmistakably representative of passion and romance. Whether you hope to do so or not, sending someone a dozen red roses will usually carry the connotation of desire and romantic love. Refer to your florist in Charleston WV to determine the appropriateness behind your choice of flowers.  
When sending a sympathy bouquet or a bouquet to say you are sorry, certain flowers carry with them certain symbolic meanings that can apply. When seeking an apology, a purple hyacinth is symbolically sent to ask forgiveness. On the other hand, a white hyacinth can show a reverent respect and sympathy. Its’ common use is to show a sorrow and understanding for someone going through a hard time.

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