Find the Perfect Funeral Gifts Besides Flowers

Memories don’t come in prearranged packages. No two thoughts are the same. Feelings can never be described with words, no matter how profound. Pain can never be a joy. No! Pain is pain. Pain hurts. Badly. Losing a loved one hurts. It hurts deeply. Letting go of a human being that means the world to you cannot be expressed in ordinary words, let alone simple gifts such as flowers. There is a call to find better funeral gifts besides flowers. That call is one that must be answered! It can only be answered by something personal from the person who knew the deceased and those that loved him/her in ways too sincere to be duplicated by mass production.

Flowers die. They live and colour the day, but then die. Flowers are great, but are ordinary. Flowers affirm common loss. Flowers are symbols of flags flying half mast. How can you fly the flag at its lowest to show grief beyond repair? How can one open up grief beyond understanding when society offers dying flowers? The flowers are perfect, but they die before time. They die before the pain heals. They are not personal. They do not draw words. They are amazing, but lack the core of loss derived from a soul suffering the deepest loss. How can petals echo the loss of love when they dies so quickly? They try, but are left wanting. They try to last as long as they can, but have a predetermined lifespan that stops them from being there for you in a years time.

Are there funeral gifts beside flowers? Can one surpass living and artificial wreaths? Yes, there is something much more personal. There are gifts that speak to the one buying and the living receiving the gifts. There is hope. There are gifts that speak of personalized memories and thoughts that cannot be expressed. Seek something that does not adopt a blanket approach, but speaks to the individual gone and those that love him who remain behind. There is something that wants to be there for you today as in a decade to come.

Can love be seen? Can love be felt? Can love be expressed in unique expressions of love? This question can only be answered by those who know the answers. Gifts can never replace a lost loved one. No money can buy or replace aspirations that die when a loved one is untimely uprooted. A special gift can never attempt to replace a loss so deep, but they can try to ease the memory of your loved ones. Whether for a pet or a loved one, they can help replace the blood stricken tears with a smile, over time.

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