Finding the Perfect Balance between Ski and Snowboard Tours

by | Dec 28, 2012 | travel

Skiing has been a winter sport that has been enjoyed for countless years by people of all ages. In recent years, experienced skiers and even beginners are starting to discover the thrill of snowboarding as well. Many ski resorts offer snowboard tours in addition to skiing, giving everyone the best of both worlds. This makes it easy to travel in large groups and with people who like to ski and those who like to snowboard. Everyone can take part in their favorite activity during the day and then meet up at night to take part in the nightlife in the town in which their resort lies.

Choosing a Resort

If you are traveling with skiers and snowboarders, it will take a little work to find the perfect resort. There is a large variety, but it will take careful research to find a resort that offers the right conditions for both sports. There are a variety of websites that offer reviews and breakdowns of what each resort offers. You can read the reviews of past visitors to see their thoughts about the conditions for skiing and snowboarding. Many resorts also offer discounted tickets to visit various mountains, allowing your party to experience a variety while on vacation.


If you have any beginning skiers or snowboarders in your party, you will want to find a resort that offers lessons for both. Most resorts offer them, but finding packages that include lessons or offer discount lessons will take a little work.


After everyone hits the slopes, they will want a relaxing place to gather and have fun for the night. Large groups benefit from renting a condo for their trip. Condos typically consist of two to four bedrooms, an eating area, a living room area and a full kitchen. This allows you the opportunity to eat in if your group desires.

Night Life

Choose a resort that has ample nightlife so everyone can get together and have fun at night, even if they spent their days on separate slopes. Gourmet restaurants, hip bars and nightclubs are a few of the items you can look for in the town of the resort. Most websites will talk about the opportunities for nightlife in a ski town because it is a large part of any ski vacation. You can also search for things to do in the town in which the resort is located on your own to find other attractions that might not be advertised.

Finding the right ski and snowboard tours for your traveling party is easy with the large number of travel websites available. Keeping everyone’s needs in mind, you will be able to find the perfect resort that meets everyone’s expectations and offers a memorable vacation.

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