Fireplace Installation and Conversion

Living in the Utah means you know how to deal with the cold. Many houses in this region already come equipped with a fireplace. A lot of the older homes in Salt Lake City UT may not have a fireplace that is updated enough to be used or may not have one in a desirable location of the home. It is common to purchase older homes and remodel them, so they function better. Many homes in this location are passed down from family members, so they continue to be used by future generations.

Wood burning fireplaces require a lot more work than a gas burning fireplace. No one really wants to get out in the cold to figure out where to find firewood. Gas makes a home warm and comfortable with the flip of a switch. When it comes to fireplaces, The Fireplace Guys do it all! They can convert an existing fireplace or provide Fireplace Installation on a brand new gas burning fireplace. They will even come directly to you for a free in home consultation to determine what your options are.

When it comes to fireplaces, safety, and proper installation are the most important factors. There is no messing around when it comes to installing a gas fireplace in your home. If a gas leak is present in your home, this can lead to major issues. A Fireplace Installation needs to have safety procedures in place that will allow the home owner to have peace of mind, knowing that their new fireplace will not cause them harm.

Stone Mountain Castings & Design are a safe and effective way to heat a home without having a chimney. This type of venting will keep any harmful gas outside and will pull only fresh air inside. A big complaint with gas fireplaces is usually that they do not put off enough heat to keep the home warm. Direct venting allows for a complete burn which will keep the home warmer and your gas bill lower.

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