Five Custom Printed Items for your Next Event

When you are holding your next event here are five custom items you should not be without:

  1. Pass Card: You are putting a lot of money and effort into selling tickets to your event. You want to be certain that the only people getting through the doors have paid. You will need a larger size pass card to hand to attendees when they register. More sophisticated events and conferences that run for a few days often have a photo booth set up to provide photo ID.

  2. Custom Printed Lanyard: A customized printed lanyard will provide an easy way for attendees to wear their passes without having to pin it on or keep it in a pocket or purse. They can wear them in clear sight for security purposes making it easier to spot someone who might have snuck in.

  3. Canvas Bag: This may seem an odd item to list, however most attendees at events and conferences will make their rounds and collect a lot of brochures and samples. A custom canvas bag will give them something to carry their stuff in without worrying about it and also advertises your event for years to come as most people now use canvas or reusable bags for shopping.

  4. Water Bottle: Providing a custom water bottle is a good idea as people are all caught up in the eight glasses of water a day health kick as well as the eco-friendly kick. You can be certain that water bottle will be appearing on office desks, cup holders and joggers fanny packs for quite a while following your event.

  5. Pens: So many people attend conferences and events and forget to bring a pen. Offering pens at check in as well as on tables throughout the conference will make it easy for people to find something to write with when they need it. Although many people may use smart phones to snap pictures or type notes, a pen and paper is still a tool most people use and is also one of the items people surveyed say they will keep and use.

Having these five items custom made for your event will provide people with the tools they need to enjoy your conference and will also offer you security and advertising for your next event.

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