Four Benefits of Hiring a Chattanooga Social Security Disability Laywer

When people file for Social Security disability benefits, they usually have an ailment or injury, such as severe back pain, that prevents them from working. If you’ve recently become disabled on a job or at home and can no longer work, you owe it to yourself to contact an experienced Chattanooga Social Security disability lawyer. Here’s why.

Specialized Team

An experienced Social Security disability lawyer in Chattanooga will usually work for a law firm that’s been practicing disability law for five, 10 or even 15 or more years. These lawyers are also highly experienced and certified in Social Security disability law. They also know all of the medical conditions that can qualify you for disability benefits as well as the judges who render the decisions on disability cases.

More Personal Attention

Some larger disability law firms assign out-of-state lawyers to people’s cases. With a Social Security disability lawyer in Chattanooga, you’ll be working with a disability lawyer who’s in your area. This enables the attorney to get to know you and learn all about your sickness or injury. Consequently, your attorney can better defend your disability case and get you benefits.

No Payment Upfront

A reputable disability attorney will never charge you upfront for payment. Instead, your attorney and his or her law firm will receive a certain percentage of your back pay when a positive decision is rendered.

Help You Win Your Case

Your Social Security disability lawyer in Chattanooga will help you win your case by serving as your advocate at the hearing. During this time, your lawyer will coach you on how to answer specific questions from the judge. He or she will also cite specific findings from your medical file to convince the judge that you have a veritable disability.

The best thing about hiring a Chattanooga Social Security disability attorney is knowing you’re doing the right thing. That’s because you have a much better chance of receiving disability benefits through one of these legal professionals than trying to get compensation on your own.

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